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From tax preparation and resolution to complex IRS issues, we have you covered. There’s not a more complete, helpful, or affordable tax service in the Bronx.


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Pick up extra money and help your friends with their returns when you get your preparer certification in our tax classes. You’ll be ready for tax season and have the skills to handle any personal filings.


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Discover the kind of tax services you’ve always wanted at Money Tax in Bronx, New York. When income tax time rolls around, we help you get your refund back quickly and correctly. With more than 10 years experience, our tax services company has provided outstanding and affordable tax help to individuals and businesses throughout the five boroughs.

We are the experts in the financial matters. Our team works hard to solve all our clients’ financial issues and helps you choose the best solutions. With two offices conveniently located in the Bronx, our tax solutions and financial planning are easily accessible for all of our customers.

As times change, it seems that new economic strategies hurt all Americans, especially working people, and no one can afford to make mistakes with their financial decisions. We’re here to provide you with easier solutions and the most qualified and specific advice possible. Let us help you take advantage of all the tax laws, including stimulus money that many services leave sitting on the table for their clients.


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